How to Contact Citibank Customer Service in Several Ways

For a customer of Citibank, get in touch with Citibank customer service will be very useful whenever you find any issues in any banking activities. Let’s say you lost your credit card or accidentally block your cards, you need quick help from the bank representative in resolving your problems.

Their customer service is available 24 hours 7 days to guarantee customers flexibility as well as convenience in using their services. Whether it’s reporting complaints or giving suggestions for them to improve their services, here a couple of methods you can use to contact Citibank.


Company Overview

Citibank runs under Citigrup Inc., the US-based multinational banking which at the same time also serves as financial corporation. Its headquarters that is located in Manhattan, New York City was established on June 16th, 1812.

Citigroup itself was set up by one of the biggest firm affiliations worldwide in history. It was affiliated with both the huge banking Citicorp and financial multi-industry Travelers Group. This affiliation was built in October 1998.

How to Contact via Phone Number

If customers face an urgent problem and require fast action to resolve it, letting their customer service know about the problem via phone number still becomes the best option to do. You can dial their main phone contact at (212) 559-1000.

Otherwise, you can talk to their representative using their toll-free number at 1 (800) 374-9700. In case someday you lost your card and want to block it soon to prevent it from being accessed by strangers or other serious problems, talking directly with customer service is the right solution.

How to Contact via Chat

Fortunately, you can enjoy contacting Citibank customer service through a live chat. To enjoy this chat service, you need to be registered to Citibank online previously and conduct a login. Click on Live Chat option in a panel on the right navigation.

After succeeding in login, type your One-Time-PIN, and continue to confirm the Chat requirements. After finish this process, Live Chat screen will appear and you can begin to chat with Citibank representative.

How to Contact via Email

Face any queries that require detailed answers but you still able to wait for a moment? Try to inform your queries to the bank officer by sending an email. Write your queries and send them in to [email protected] and you will receive answers within the following business day.

You also can send an email through their official web by clicking on Contact Us Page. Here, you can find information you search such as when to see the bank account rates or want to locate the closest Citibank branches.

How to Contact via Social Media

If you are more familiar with social media platforms, you can contact Citibank through Facebook or Twitter as well. Simply ask them using Facebook Messenger or mention their official account followed by your question, then the admin will put your queries into their concern.

Citibank customer service already provides a couple of ways to contact them. They just make sure that customers can use the most preferred and convenient ways to get in touch and communicate for a better user experience in the future.

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