Several Ways to Inform Your Issues by contacting eBay Customer Service

Have been used eBay to selling your products for years? If so, then knowing how to contact eBay customer service is important in case someday you find face any troubleshooting on the site.

Either it just tracking the package or asking for a refund for any cancellations, the customer service of eBay covers some of these methods.


Company Overview

eBay is a multinational company based in America and with headquarters located in San Jose, California. eBay appears as a website that facilitates its users to engage in sales. This platform allows sellers and consumers to sell and purchase various kinds of goods and services across the globe.

As top global e-commerce where millions of buyers and sellers meet, eBay offers good opportunities for both parties. Sellers have a chance to grow their business without being limited by background or location. Whilst buyers can enjoy enormous inventory and unequaled selection on products and services.

How to Contact via Phone Number

Facing any problems such as damaged product or lost packaging during shipment? You need to get a faster response to these problems and it can be achieved by contacting customer service by calling the eBay phone number.

As a customer of eBay, you can make a direct call to a customer support executive through two helpline numbers. For customer service, you can dial 1 (800) 540-3229. Meanwhile to get technical supports you can dial 1 (866) 961-9253.

Please note that eBay will be available during service hours. On weekdays, from Monday to Friday from 5 AM to 10 PM. Whilst, weekends are from 6 AM to 6 PM.

How to Contact via Chat

Contacting eBay customer service using a chat is not yet available. As a replacement, you can try using other online support provided by them. It is by going to the help page on eBay’s official website.

How to Contact via Email

Not only chatting option, but eBay also doesn’t have email support either. Instead, customers can stay connected with customer support by signing in to eBay’s official website using their account. Website is an easy way to approach their representative to inform about issues you face.

Choose Returns and Refunds Page for any problems related to the coming package which need to be returned. For common questions associated with the use of eBay, you get the answer on Resolution Center Page. Otherwise, the Help Center Page to get online solutions for your issues.

How to Contact Social Media

eBay provides its customer support on social media platforms through Twitter. Try to inform your issue by sending a direct message to their social media manager or simply tweet the issue and tag eBay’s official account to help you find the right solution. As the tweet is limited, the answer will be succinct and on-point.

eBay customer service via phone number is the most reliable option to get quick answers on your issues. However, if eBay users think that their issues are just common cases, a direct answer on their official website will be enough. Or else, get in contact with their customer service via social media.

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