The Effective Way to Contact Facebook Customer Service

Facebook has become the top social media platform where people can connect with other people easily. With so many users on Facebook, some problems might appear when using this platform such as sometimes when it can’t be accessed. For this matter, Facebook customer service comes to resolve them.

While keeping up with friends, now and then sometimes can go wrong in Facebook such as when you forget during login or you want to control the account privacy for additional protection. Facebook takes it has its major concern by giving its users the opportunity to contact their customer services.


Company Overview

Facebook is an American-based company to focuses on providing social networking services through a social media platform. Launched back then in 2004, Facebook firstly only can be limitedly accessed by Harvard College Students.

Now, Facebook comes with technologies that allowing people to connect with friends and family, join with much interesting community worldwide as well as taking the benefit of it to grow their business. Not only adding friends, but people can also use this platform to share their photos and updates.

How to Contact via Phone Number

Facebook offers helpline phone numbers that people can use to contact their representatives. It is stated that the customer service can be called by dialing at (650) 543-4800 or at (650) 308-7300. So far, these are customer support number that exists in many Facebook community.

However, we cannot guarantee that you will get a response when calling the representative of Facebook with that number. It’s because recently many users say Facebook doesn’t operate any support phone number.
Besides, you will receive a message that Facebook doesn’t offer phone support at the present when calling those numbers.

How to Contact via Chat

If you want to contact Facebook customer service using an online chat, you will be directed to the Help Page of Facebook. It means that chat support is not yet available but Facebook offers you other customer support options.

On this page, you can encounter a number of popular topics related to using Facebook. You can find solutions for common problems as well such as how to fix login issues and how to give extra protection to your account.

How to Contact via Email

Unluckily, there is no direct way to contact Facebook through email. You may find some email support to get in touch with Facebook employees out there but most of them are not even working. Instead of a direct email address, you will be suggested to use Facebook’s Help Center.

Through their Help Center Page, users can report their issues related to their accounts as well as diagnose any problems.

How to Contact via Social Media

Not just available on its own platform, Facebook also has an official account on Twitter and Instagram. Although not as fast as Help Center, they can be an alternative option to connect with customer service.

Help Center of Facebook still becomes the most effective way to contact Facebook customer service. Even though Facebook doesn’t offer many options to connect with their customer service, but using Help Center is enough to get fast response for any issues.

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