How to Contact Mcdonalds Customer Service for Any Complaints or Compliments

Enjoying delicious foods at Mcdonalds? Whenever you buy your favorite foods in any Mcdonalds’s franchise, knowing how to contact Mcdonalds customer service is important because it will help you to resolve any possible issues that might happen.

Mcdonalds really concern about their restaurant improvement so they encourage the customers to give restaurant feedback after their visit. Customers can tell what they like as well as make a complaint to the customer service so that they are able to get a better experience for the next visit.


Company Overview

Mcdonalds is an American fast food company that was established in 1940. Then, as Ray Kroc saw this small restaurant, he found an opportunity to open for a new franchise. Six later after it, paid the exclusive rights on both Mcdonald’s’ name and its operating system.

Mcdonalds has passed several amazing transformations from drive-thru restaurants into Chicken McNuggets and even a training program for Hamburger University. Now, it exists to be one of the leading foodservice in the world with thousands of franchises in over one hundred countries.

How to Contact via Phone Number

If you find any important thing that needs to be reported to the Mcdonalds representative, you can contact their customer services via phone number. Mcdonalds offers several helpline phone numbers that can be used by customers for urgent conditions.

Customers can call the toll-free number on (800) 244-6277 as the main number for customer service. There are also other two numbers that are available for toll-free calling. You can dial at (630)-3000 or (866) 970-0106.

How to Contact via Chat

Mcdonalds customer service via chat is not yet available for the customers. If you find any issues when ordering foods or your Mcdonald’s app can’t work properly, you will be suggested to visit Contact Us Page that is available on Mcdonald’s official account.

On this page, you are able to choose what you are curious about and then search for the questions related to it and discover the appropriate answers. There is a list of popular topics on this page and each of them has FAQs along with its answers.

How to Contact via Email

So far, it seems that Mcdonalds doesn’t provide an email address where customers can directly send their complaints to them. Instead, customers can take the benefit of the Contact Us page to reports the issues they probably face.

You can go to the restaurant feedback and complaints section and click on the Tell Us About It button. Or when you have scrolled down the page but don’t found the answer for your queries, you can go to General Inquiry Section and click on the Ask Your Question option.

How to Contact via Social Media

Mcdonalds has an official account on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to get you to keep up-to-date with its services. When sometimes, they can be used to ask about some issues as well.

So far, the best way to contact Mcdonalds’ customer service other than by phone is through the Contact us Page. It’s because this page provides different sections to get in touch with Mcdonald’s representative.

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