How to Contact Netflix Customer Service

Netflix, Inc. is an American entertainment company founded by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph. The company provides streaming media, videos online, and DVD by mail. Netflix is getting more and more popular from year to year. It is because people currently are more interested in watching movies and entertainment on their online platform. The shows on Netflix are also getting more various and qualified. If you have issues in watching programs from Netflix, it is possible to contact customer services via some following methods.


How to contact via phone number

Netflix has some lines of phone numbers for customer services. The main customer service number is 408-540-3700. Besides, you can also contact its second customer service at 800-585-7265. Both lines may require you to pay although the responses are faster. But if you prefer a phone line that us toll free to contact Netflix, it is possible via number 800-585-7265.

Furthermore, for Netflix Customer Service Number, you can press or tap 1-888-NETFLIX or 1-800-585-8131. Follow the instructions given to get the service you intend to have. There are some other phone lines for Netflix Customer Service. They are (800) 585-8131, (888) 638-354, (800) 279-5688, and (800) 715-2120.

How to contact via chat

It is possible to contact the administrator of Netflix via live chat. To get the service, you need to visit the page Netflix Help Center. There are two links for customer service to access on the page. They are live chat and phone calls. You can choose the first option for chatting for sure. It will not take too much time to wait for the administrator to reply to your chat. The administrator is available for 24 hours to serve the customers.

The phone call in Netflix Help Center is different from phone lines explained in the previous point. On the help center page, the phone line is using an internet service, not conventional phone calls. Sure, you can access and utilize this service also for free.

How to contact via email

The email address for customer service is [email protected]. Using email to contact the company’s administrators gives you some benefits. One of them is that you can ask a long question or give some questions or complaints at once. The administrator can also give you detailed explanations to make you understand. This benefit may not be given if you use other methods including chats and phone line.

How to contact via social media

As a popular streaming platform, Netflix has some social media accounts to support its promotion. Those social media can also be used by customers to complain or ask some questions. This way, you can go to Facebook and Twitter. To find official accounts of Netflix, you can simply type down the name on the search bar. Then, questions and complaints are given by posting, leaving comments, or sending direct messages. Meanwhile, on Twitter, you can tweet and tag the official account of Netflix.

Additionally, the executive contacts of Netflix are as follows. The Primary Contact is Kristin Embury, the Director of Customer Service. The address is 100 Winchester Circle Los Gatos, CA 95032 and the email address is [email protected].

The Secondary Contact is Brent Wickens, The VP of Corporate Operations/Finance. The address is100 Winchester CircleLos Gatos, CA 95032. You can contact his email at [email protected].

Lastly, the Chief Executive is Reed Hastings, the Founder and CEO. The address is100 Winchester Circle Los Gatos, CA 95032, and the email address is [email protected].

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