Find Problems in Using Paypal? Contact Paypal Customer Service through These Methods

If you use Paypal for conducting online payment activities, you need to know about Paypal customer service because they will help you quickly anytime you face problems on its platform.

Clients’ complaints become the top priority to solve by Paypal. So, let’s see what methods we can use to contact its customer service.


Company Overview

Come as an online alternative for traditional money payment, Paypal has made its users can pay with neither cash nor cards. Paypal offers financial services where users can manage and transfer money, flexibility, and options for payment, and easiness of getting paid.

This app encourages its users, either as individual or business to take part and succeed in today’s global economy. Users can enjoy the new and vigorous ways to build financial connections and transactions, thanks to the technological innovation and prudent partnership used by Paypal.

How to Contact Paypal via Phone Number

To get customer care of Paypal using a phone number, you can make a call with the helpline numbers. For instance, Paypal customers who live in United Kingdom can call on 0800 358 7911. Please note that hotline numbers for each country are different so make sure you know Paypal helpline numbers for your country.

Those who have credit cards commonly call Paypal using a different phone number as well. If calling to Paypal help center is slow in response, you can send messages to get faster support.

How to Contact Paypal via Chat

Paypal customer service via chat is currently unavailable. As an alternative, if you don’t want to call or send them a message via phone numbers, you can visit Paypal website and take benefit of contact us page. On this page, you can send them a note or ask about your problems to the community.

The contact us page also contains common issues related to the platform. Just click on the issue you face and the website will give you information on how to solve it.

How to Contact Paypal via Email

For making any complaints, users can email the Paypal representatives to let them know. However, Paypal doesn’t have direct email address. Instead, you need to use the email page on Paypal website so it requires a login before you send the email.

Just head straight to contact us page on their website. Scroll down and click on Email us option. After succeeding in login, you can send an email about your problems to their customer support.

How to Contact Paypal Social Media

Paypal has several official social media sites. If you are uncomfortable with using other customer support services, you can take the benefit of these platforms to inform your problems. There is a website, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You can try to contact the admins of those sites by sending a direct message.

There are many methods for Paypal users to get in contact with Paypal customer service. As Paypal really pays attention to the needs of their clients, you can expect to get a fast response from them for the issues you face. All you have to do is just selecting the way to contact you are most comfortable with.

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