The Easiest Way to Contact Uber Customer Service among its Customer Supports

Most people have no doubt about how Uber provides a smooth and convenient driving experience while at the same time also offers easy ways to contact Uber customer service. Although the majority of customers don’t find any problem when using Uber’s service it’s important to always get ready.

No matter what is the issue that customers found when using their transportation service, Uber put their concern to this matter by giving several options to get in touch with the customer service. Hence, anytime you are confused about payment options or feel uncomfortable with the driver, just let them know directly.


Company Overview

Uber Technologies Inc. happens to be an American-based multinational network company that provides online transportation services. Established in March 2019, Uber recently becomes the top-rank brand that customers choose for providing them with a good transportation service.

This company transforms the taxi market into a mobile app where customers can request any ride through their smartphone. The request then will be sent to the Uber drivers who drive their own vehicles. Not only for ridesharing, but Uber is also available for food delivery service too.

How to Contact via Phone Number

Contacting customer service via phone is possible but please note that the smartphone is already employed for calling and booking the Uber service, so sometimes it can be a bit slow for the team to respond to it.

The faster and better option to get a great response from Uber is by contacting them through call support available in the Uber app. Uber has a phone number but it only accepts emergencies call for customers which is related to critical safety. If you face that condition, you can dial 800-353-8237.

How to Contact via Chat

Uber doesn’t support customer support via chat. Another option for this, customers need to visit the Help Page on Uber’s official web. On this page, you can discover common issues that are often faced by Uber customers.

For the common issues, the answer is already available. If you have obtained the information on your issues but need further help from Uber customer service, then you have to sign in using your account and trips.

How to Contact via Email

Previously, when Uber still smaller, customer support via email was available. However, as Uber develops bigger, it’s difficult to cover customers’ support from various countries using an email.

Instead of using email, now Uber simple in-app answer that can be used by its customers to get a great explanation regarding the issues they face.

How to Contact via Social media

Uber has several active social media accounts. You can try to contact them through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram if you are familiar with using them. Although it is not really suitable for specific issues, it’s good enough to get a quite fast response.

The easiest way to contact Uber customer service is by using the Uber application. Uber app has covered various options that customers need to look for appropriate information about issues they might face. Fast calling option to the Uber representative is available in the app too.

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