Several Ways to Get Help from Ubereats Customer Service Regarding Food Orders

It’s really pleasant to use Ubereats and get our favorite foods directly on our doorsteps and Ubereats customer service will guarantee you have a good experience when enjoying the tantalizing of both local foods and delicacies from famous restaurants.

Discover the foods you crave and make food order from restaurants now can be done in a single touch with Ubereats app. So, either it is finding the closest restaurant providing a special menu or just tracking your order in real-time, get in touch with the customer service can be done easily.


Company Overview

Uber Eats is an American-based platform that offers online food ordering and delivery. Firstly launched by Uber in 2014, its headquarters is located in San Francisco, California. Ubereats has covered customers in a lot of countries.

It allows its customers to find popular places for eating near them and allow them to taste the foods from those places. Those who practice a healthy diet also can take the benefit of using this app to find to order healthy eating foods.

How to Contact via Phone Number

Anytime you find issues when ordering any foods such as when your order arrived longer than you have expected, you can contact customer service using Ubereats helpline phone number. Their representative will help you find out the problems and suggest some possible solutions.

To contact the representative of Ubereats and get a fast response, you can dial the customer service number at (800) 253-9377. Both the main customer service number and a toll-free number that can be contacted for customers are similar.

How to Contact via Chat

If you are wondering about contacting Ubereats customer service via chat, currently Ubereats doesn’t offer chat for customer support. As a replacement, you will be suggested to visit Help Page on Ubereats official website.

By simply visiting and go to Ubereats section, you can find common topics related to Ubereats issues. Then, they already provide the answer about them. For more specific questions, you can sign in to their web using your account and trips and obtain the right solution from Ubereats team.

How to Contact via Email

Ubereats have no direct email address that enables customers to send them an email about reporting issues. However, you are still able to ask for help by email by visiting local Uber Greenlight to get any assistance.

Submit your questions at to get a response from the team within 48 hours. If you get a response, you will receive a notification on your smartphone. The response is commonly sent to customers’ emails as well.

How to Contact via Social Media

Customer support can be reached through social media platforms as well. Fortunately, Ubereats has an official account on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Thus, if you are an active user on those platforms you can let the admin know about your problem and get on-point answers.

Ubereats customer service is known to takes seriously about their customers’ problems since its great reputation on the services provided has been renowned worldwide. So, reporting any problems related to ordering can be done easily both by calling them directly and using the app.

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