Find Any Troubles on Postal Activities? Try These Methods to Contact USPS Customer Service

Costumer of The United States Postal Service or USPS needs to be grateful as USPS customer service is considered to be one of the greatest that people can discover. Anytime you want to track an email or just looking for a ZIP code, USPS is ready to help you. Here, a number of ways to get connected with them.


Company Overview

USPS is an independent agency in charge of services in distributing physical mail across the States. As the executive branch of the Federal Government of The United States, its headquarters can be found in Washington, D.C. In case, you want to report any issues by directly meet the representative of USPS.

The customer services provided by USPS has been known to be one of the best in the US. Hence, if you face an issue on post-delivery or other postal services, you can expect them to help you solve them quickly.

How to Contact via Phone Number

If you want to get a clear explanation verbally on how to solve your postal problems, you can make a call to 1 (800) 275-8777. You can discuss the problem directly with their representative on customer service hours for Monday to Friday from 8 AM to 8.30 PM EST.

If you find problems at weekend, you can call along the Saturday from 8 AM to PM EST. Remember to save other important numbers to get connected with USPS such as delivery tracking on 1 (800) 222-1811 and technical support on 1 (800) 344-7779.

How to Contact via Chat

Currently, USPS doesn’t support customer service via chat. Instead, you can take benefit of online USPS customer service. Complaints can be sent online through their official website. Go directly to their official website and look for the Customer Support Contact Page.

On this page, you can get quick answers to several issues such as tracking, delivery, and change of address. If you want their representative to notice your problems and solve them, you have to click on the filing a claim option.

Otherwise, for any trouble with the services, get to know whether you are qualified for a refund.

How to Contact via Email

If you are more comfortable to report your problem through writing, you can contact USPS via email. Writing problems via email can be used as a reference if you want to make complaints in the future.

In order to write an email, you need to go to the Email Us page on their official website. Make sure to type your name, delivery number as well as delivery date and time.

How to Contact Social Media

USPS has official Twitter and Facebook Page. If you are a social media user, try to write your questions about postal service and tag the USPS Twitter account. Otherwise, you can ask them via Facebook Messenger.

Despite those several ways to contact USPS customer service, USPS also provides additional services that can be enjoyed by their customers freely such as change of address and hold mail. To know more about those additional services, you can go to FAQs Page on their official website.

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