How to Contact Verizon Customer Service

Verizon is one of the telecommunication companies that are based in the US. It provides various telecommunication products as well as distributes them. Under the name Verizon Wireless, the products offered are indeed them the wireless one. The company also provides some services to enable customers to communicate with them. It is mainly if there are complaints, suggestions, questions, and more. Contacting them is possible via some lines below.


How to contact via phone number

Verizon has some phone numbers for different purposes. First, it is 1-800-922-0204 is the number for general complaints via phone line. It connects you to a customer care executive to explain your problem. Second, you can call them on 888-294-6804 for problems or questions related to prepaid phones. Like the standard customer support number. The number connects you to the Verizon support agent.

Third, to only know your balance and information about your account in Verizon, you can dial *611. The automated number is available to guide you passing through the process. It also tells you details of the balance and information you need to know. Fourth, it is 800-465-4054 for questions leading to buy Verizon products as well as problems related to your business with Verizon. And lastly, there is 800-300-4184 to contact Fios service.

How to contact via chat

You can visit Verizon’s support page. On the page, there is a live chat window in the lower right area. Using the chat window, chat the Verizon Support Agent through it to consult problems and issues related to Verizon. You should not worry, the agents are fast to respond. For help and further information, visit also the Support page of Verizon Wireless.

Chatting with the Verizon Customer Care agent is possible also. To do that, you must sign in to an account using your Mobile Number or User ID and Password. If you do not have an account with Verizon or you are not interested in making one, the pop-up chat box is available to help you. Furthermore, the agent from Verizon will probably ask for your data including the date of birth and a security question. Make sure to answer them properly.

How to contact via email

Unfortunately, Verizon Wireless doesn’t provide you email support. Instead, it still uses traditional methods where you can send them a physical letter to the address available.

How to contact via social media

Verizon provides some official accounts on social media. They are Facebook, Twitter, a mail letter, and Verizon forum. If you are active on one of them, you can utilize this facility to contact the
customer service.

For Facebook, you can visit Verizon’s Facebook page to ask some questions, complain about problems, and more. However, you are suggested not to share any sensitive information on it. While for Twitter, you can utilize it to get a shorter but quicker response. Make sure to log into your Twitter account first, this way, you can write a tweet about your complaints or ask certain questions. Don’t forget to tag Verizon Wireless CS in your tweet.

Next, you can also send a letter via mail. To do that, write a descriptive letter about your problems, questions, or complaint to Verizon Wireless and mail it to them at the address provided. The address is “Verizon Wireless. Correspondence.P.O. Box 291089. Columbia, SC 29229”. Unfortunately, this method is not really recommended since the response may be slower than others.

Lastly, there is Verizon Forum to access. It is a part of Verizon support with many active members. On the forum, you can ask and complain as well as answer questions from other members. The representatives of the company are also active to respond to all questions and complaints shared in the forum.

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