How to Contact Walmart Customer Service

Walmart is an American retail that has been well-known for its great service and various products to sell. The retail has expanded to 10 countries, with more than 11,300 stores available all around the world. Sure, it doesn’t mean that services from Walmart are completely perfect. As a customer, it is reasonable if you still find a lack of something here and there. That’s why, the company also provides some methods of customer service in order to satisfy its customers even more. You can contact the company’s agents via some methods below.


How to contact via phone number

The Customer Care Number of Walmart is 1-800-925-6278. The number is only accessible in the US. Using the number, the customers can contact the agent and make complaints, ask questions, and more. When contacting the number, you may pass through a set of automated call logs. If you are just not patient and want to skip it, it is possible. To do it, press 2, then press 1, press 3, and press 5. Or, you can just keep saying ‚ÄúCustomer Service” after entering the call log.

For International Customers, the phone number of Walmart’s customer service is 614-534-1996. Similar to the number for the US only, you can also complain or ask any questions through this number. A set of automated call logs is also presented. To skip it, press 2, 1, 3, and 5 continuously.

The number of the Technical Support Department is 800-966-6546. It has for both the US and international customers. The number is available to request technical support from the retail.

How to contact via chat

Unfortunately, the live chat service is not available on Walmart website. Sure, it is better if Such a big retailer will have it. Maybe it is available soon. But if you have an issue to solve immediately, there are still some other options. First, it is via phone lines mentioned in the previous point. Second, you can also access them via social media. You can leave comments or use direct messages provided. The responses are quick enough. Yes, there is a management that can handle the messages via social media. So, you don’t need to wait for so many hours to get the responses.

How to contact via email

While you cannot contact this company via chat, Walmart makes it available via email. You can use this service by writing them an email about the problem or issue related to the retail. It is possible also to request information about further services provided by Walmart. The email address is at [email protected].

There are so many benefits of contacting the company via email. Particularly if you are looking for detail information about the service and others, it will give you all that you need. Sending an email enables you to get even long answers. However, you may need to wait for some hours to get your email replied.

How to contact via social media

Walmart provides some official accounts on social media. Those social media are Facebook and Twitter. It is easy to find them in which you only need to look for Walmart at Facebook or Walmart at Twitter by typing the name on the search bar. Only in seconds, you can just find them.

Meanwhile, if you are interested to learn more about the corporation, you can visit the official YouTube channel of the company as well as the Instagram Profile.

Additionally, to contact Walmart’s customer service, you can access other companies’ profiles. For examples, they are Sprint Customer Support, AT&T Customer Support, Amazon Customer Support, Dunkin Donut Customer Support, and more.

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