All You Need to Know About AT&T Customer Service

There are several ways that you can take to report your problem and get a solution from the representative of AT&T. You can either directly call them, write them an email, send a chat, or contact them via social media, depending on how urgent your issue is.


AT&T Overview

AT&T is an international telecommunication company that is headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, USA. Founded in 1983, this company now has been hiring 189.950 employees. AT&T produces telecommunication devices, including telephones, televisions, and Internet. This telecommunication company managed to write an impressive history.

For example, AT&T built the technology that could be used to add sound to motion pictures. This technology was then used by Warner Bros to make the first talking picture. Recently, the telecommunication company added WarnerMedia in order to reshape the world of telecommunication, media, and technology.

WarnerMedia launched the first premium network on HBO. It also introduced the first 24-hour all-news network in the world on CNN. As a part of AT&T, WarnerMedia keeps delivering popular content to audiences around the globe from various, talented storytellers and journalists.

How to Contact AT&T Customer Service Via Phone Number

AT&T provides different phone numbers for different issues faced by its customers. The customer service number 1 (800) 331-0500. If you are having problems related to delivery tracking, contact 1 (877) 782-8870. If you want to call for new customers, contact 800-592-3541. If you want to order a new wireless service, call 888-333-6651.

For checking your wireless order status, call 877-782-8870. For support for travel abroad cases, contact +1 314-925-6925. While for customer service for digital phones, you can call 800-288-2020. If you have an AT&T mobile phone, you just need to call 611.

Calling the AT&T customer service is highly recommended for those of you who want a quick, reliable, and easy solution or method for solving the problem you have.

How to Contact AT&T Customer Service Via Chat

You can also opt for reporting your issue via chat if you find directly calling the representative uncomfortable. For this method, you are suggested to access the official website of the AT&T and visit the Contact Us page. There, you will find various different kinds of issues. Click on the issue that you want to resolve, then look for the chat room in the bottom right corner of the page.

You will also find many topics that you probably want answers to. Sign in with your credential for personalized info if you do not find what you are searching for.

How to Contact AT&T Customer Service Via Email Address

You can also send an email if you cannot get a hold of an AT&T’s representative via previous methods mentioned above. Make sure you write an email in a professional manner. Moreover, do not forget to be clear with the problem you are facing. Include all details of the problem and necessary information, such as your slip or bill that is probably related to the problem.

For contacting the customer service of AT&T via emails, you should visit the Email Support For AT&T (!/email-support). There, you will find various topics of issues and choose one that you want to solve.

How to Contact AT&T Customer Service Via Social Media

AT&T Customer Service also has some social media accounts. Visit their Facebook Page on You can mention them in your Twit by tagging @ATTCares. You can also ask your question in Forums on Contacting AT&T customer service via social media is considered as the effective way to get a quick reply.

Those are the ways to get a hold of AT&T Customer Care.

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