How to Contact Amazon Customer Service

Who does not know Amazon? Amazon is one of the largest and most leading multinational e-commerce companies in the world. If you frequently order something from this online retailer and have some complaints or questions, we will tell you how to reach Amazon’s customer service to help with your problems.


About Amazon’s Company Profile

Most people know that Amazon is an e-commerce or online retailer. In fact, this giant company also focuses on AI or Artificial Intelligence, cloud computation, and digital streaming. Based on Seattle, the founder of Amazon is Jeff Bezos, who now is considered as one of the richest persons on the planet.

On the other hand, his company is considered as one of the Big Four, along with Google, Facebook, and Apple. Amazon becomes the biggest and most successful e-commerce across the globe, AI assistance provider, and cloud computing platform. So, it is not surprising that Amazon becomes one of the most valuable companies in the world.

Amazon is the second largest private company in the USA and the company with the biggest revenue across the globe. From time to time, this company manages to reach its goals and always becomes bigger and bigger.

Amazon has some various products, such as Amazon Music, Amazon Publishing, Amazon Prime Video, and Amazon Studios. Moreover, it also has some subsidiaries, such as Whole Foods Market, Ring, IMDb, and Among its many achievements, Amazon is controversial and has been criticized for very competitive work culture.

How to Contact Amazon’s Customer Service Via Phone Number

If you want to directly speak with the Amazon’s representative, it is best to directly call the customer service. This way, you will be able to get a solution really quick and the Amazon’s representative will guide you, step to step, as a procedure to solve your problem. You can contact Amazon’s representatives at 1 888 280 4331.

You can also go to the official website of Amazon and visit the Contact page. There, you can find more details of Amazon’s contact numbers. For example, phone numbers for US customers and international customers. Once you have managed to speak with an Amazon’s representative, you will quickly get a fair solution for your problem.

How to Contact Amazon’s Customer Service Via Live Chat

Besides phone numbers, Amazon also provides customer services via the live chat. You can use this method if you are facing issues with tracking information. You can contact a representative via the live chat if you want to find your package if it is lost, verify the shipping address, see if someone else got your package, and so on.

It will be better if you save your tracking number, bill, and other information in order to ease the process with Amazon customer service chat.

How to Contact Amazon’s Customer Service Via Email Address

If you are not able to reach an Amazon’s representative via phone number or you are uncomfortable to call them, you can opt for sending an email to Amazon Customer Care about the problem you are having related to your order or package. Write an email and send it to [email protected].

Make sure you write all necessary information, such as your order tracking number. Moreover, make sure you clearly explain your issue. So, the representative can effectively help you.

How to Contact Amazon’s Customer Service Via Social Media

This is probably not the most effective way to contact Amazon Customer Service. But if you insist and prefer to communicate via social media, the company has Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts. Amazon Customer Service’s twitter account is @amazonhelp, their Facebook page is, and their Instagram account is @amazon.

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