DirecTV Customer Service for Solution of Your Problem

DirecTV is one of the satellite TV services in the US. They have been around since 1994. In 2015, AT&T acquired this satellite TV service provider. If you are a user of this service, you need to know how to use their customer service. Here, we are going to talk about that.


How to Contact DirecTV Phone Number?

You can use several methods to contact this company representative. The first one is by phone. DirecTV seems to pay more attention to its customer satisfaction. Maybe because of that, they provide many lines you can contact to speak to them for different purposes.

However, you can always use their general customer service number to get everything that you need, which is (800) 531-5000. By the way, this number is a toll-free number. So, you don’t have to worry about the calling fee here. This service is available from 8 a.m. to 12 a.m. local time. Use it as much as you want, until you get what you need.

It is funny that DirecTV provides so many phone numbers you can contact, but mostly they have a similar function. You use them to pay bills, order movies, or deal with your receiver. But, we can see it as a good intention of this company. They try to provide a helpful option for their customer.

Can I Contact DirecTV Customer Service Using Online Chatting?

Now, if you are more familiar with the chatting tool, DirecTV also has one. You can find it on the Contact US page on the DirecTV official website. Take a look at the bottom right corner of the page. You will find a blue button with Chat Available text written on it. Click it to open the chat tool. Then, choose the topic you want to ask the customer service. And, start typing your question.

How about Contacting DirecTV by Email?

You can’t contact them via email. What you can do is use the online form to contact the customer service email address. And, you can find this online form on the DirecTV support page on the AT&T official website. As we mentioned before, they acquired DirecTV and it became the subsidiary company of AT&T.

Therefore, if you want to use the “email”, you can visit that official website and go to the support page. Or, for your convenience, here we have the address for you, Use that link to go to that page, scroll down, and find the email form that you need. Use it to get in touch with customer service.

Is There DirecTV Social Media Account that I Can Contact?

Fortunately, they also have several social media accounts. The first account is the Twitter account. There are two accounts you can follow or use to send a message. They are the DirecTV account ( and the other one is the AT&T account ( Send DM or something, if you want to talk to them. And hope they will read and reply to it.

They also have a Facebook account ( This account is also a good place to communicate with the DirecTV representative. Leave a message on their page to get the information and solution that you need.

However, we recommend you using the phone number, chatting tool, or email to call customer service. Mostly, DirecTV only uses social media accounts to share information or announcements. You can still leave a message. If you want to get a better response, we think you should use the other methods to contact the customer service.

We hope, at this point, you understand how to use the customer service of DirecTV. With that knowledge, we hope you can get all the solutions that you need regarding this service.

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