How to Contact Lyft Customer Service for Any Riding Issues

Lyft offers a convenient ride to wherever our destination but there will be a time when we need something and need to contact them fast. Lyft customer service will help you get through the condition, no matter if it is payment issues or the app which doesn’t work as it is supposed to.

Each issue that customer face, Lyft truly concerns about it and help the customers by responding to them as soon as possible. That’s why Lyft encourages its customers to report the problems by providing them with a number of different types of customer service contacts.


Company Overview

Lyft happens to be an American-based company that focuses on the transportation network and is located in San Francisco. Established in June 2012, this company provides a mobile phone app that uses a P2P ridesharing system.

This app works by connecting drivers who bring a car and those who require a ride. Recently, Lyft has covered many users in more than 200 cities in the US. With the increased number of its users, Lyft has a great customer service that allows each of its customers to get the right assistance.

How to Contact via Phone Number

Lyft phone number is available online at 855-865-9553. For you who can’t make a call on their customer service, you can make them call you back. It can be done by sending your request to and their agents will call you.

If you already use Lyft app on your Android or iOS device, you can click on call me option to give your callback number. This option also can be used by Lyft drivers who face any issues and require quick help.

How to Contact via Chat

Lyft customer service is not yet providing chat option to contact them. Instead, you can take the benefit of using the contact page on their official website to submit any request. On this page, you need to fill in your email address, phone number, and what you require help such as with driver or passenger.

In order to use this page, you need to conduct a login through their website. After you enter the information on contact page, you just need to follow the next instructions.

How to Contact via Email

Unfortunately, Lyft doesn’t have an email where customers can directly send their queries. Alternatively, you need to use and you will be brought into their website’s request page. Here, you can send them the information that you need help with.

How to Contact via Social Media

If you don’t comfortable either calling them or sending them a request, you can approach Lyft from your Facebook or Twitter. Their online admin often answers customer questions when they mention them on their tweet as well as respond to them in Facebook Messenger.

Despite various ways you can use to contact Lyft, visiting Help Page on the official web seems to be the most reliable way to get in touch with Lyft customer service. Besides various articles to resolve any possible issues, there is call me button where you can leave your number and getting a call back by Lyft.

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